401K Report Problems (P063221)



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Just wondering if anyone else uses the JDE 401K report P063221 (run from
P063101 - menu 16/G08B1).
We are running A72c10.

Having applied the 2 most recent SAR's, 2572993 to prevent looping, and
3519115 to "theoretically" prevent doubling of contribution %ages, we still
get the same problems:

1. If an employee had transactions for 2000 which were reversed out in 2000
(in one case applied to the wrong plan), the details are still picked up
from the F0619 file and included in the totals, even though they have been
reversed out. The plan (PDBA) used in the reversal was closed at the end of
1999, but we missed changing this employee over. Not only are these
transactions included in the totals, because the employee has 2 different
PDBA's the percentages are added together. The result is that both the
Employee and Employer Percentages are doubled. The workfile build omits any
PDBA's that have a start date greater than the end of the period selected,
but does not omit PDBA's with an end date earlier than the period selected.

2. If an employee changes plan during the year, multiple PDBA's are found,
and again the percentages are accumulated. The report does not also take
into consideration whether the contributions are a fixed amount or a
percentage. This means that if an employee goes from one plan to another
and pays 6% on each, 12% is reported, even though the plans do not overlap.
Similarly, if an employee changes from a fixed rate to a percentage, for
example $100 to 6%, the report shows 106%.

Do you have similar problems with this report, or are you running a locally
created version instead?

Thanks in advance.

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(Running JDE A73 cum 10 on V4R3M0)