3 of 9 Bar Code does not print in BIP


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I have a label from BIP output the Bar Code does not display.
Where do we need to put the font file and what need to change in xdo.cfg
Please let me know if you can see any problem with the attached BIP template and xdo.cfg



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Attached is the 3OF9.ttf
Please rename it
My question are the font location, specification in xfo.cfg and BIP Word template Property specifications.
Please let me know if you have info for the proper setting.
Thanks to share your info.


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This is what we did...see attached. It looks to be similar to what we have setup.
Folder is: EnterpriseOne folder .../system/classes

Are all your other fonts working properly?

PS - I'm not a CNC guy so I'm not sure if there were some other things that had to be done? Maybe like install the font on the server?


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