E9.1 07 Cost Method of Zero Dollars


We have an issue and wondering if anyone else has seen this...

We have an item that is being shipped from our MFG plant to a DC. The item is manufactured for one of our child companies. The child company is on a different ERP system.

It item branch record for this item for the receiving plant has a $0 07 Cost. When the items is shipped from our MFG plant the item is not going into receipt routing and cannot be received.
The reason we are doing this is because we are moving the cost of this item to the child company and out of JDE.

Has anyone seen this scenario and how were you able to put the item in receipt routing with a Zero 07 cost??



Is your cost 0 or blank?
We used to have the same case were cost were blanked to be taken out. JDE cannot accept blank standard cost, cost can be zero but that zero must be entered. Make sure there is a zero entered and that should solve your problem.

Hope that helps