1. Cannot grant INDEX to a ROLE

    Hello, Relatively new here. Having an issue when doing package builds. Sometimes we get zombies. It is not a happening at regular intervals or for specific servers its just random. The only common point we have found is that there are DB issues with all even builds that do not zombie. Any ideas...
  2. fbrammer

    Package Build Kernel going Zombie during Update Builds & Deploy

    I have an open SR with Oracle, but I wanted to reach out to this community for some ideas. We've been on Tools since January, from 9.1.3. Starting a few weeks ago our Package Build Kernel for our DV and PY builds will Zombie periodically. There are times when I can't even build the...
  3. Finding Memory Leaks (Round II)

    Howdy, Frosty had a thread a couple years ago - "Finding Memory Leaks" that got no responses.... Hopefully, "Round II" will get some advice? Situation: - Heavily Customized System - Recent Go Live, Billions of Users are Starting to Log in - We are seeing some "out of heap", and other...