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    Getting the next hundred records from getAddressBook

    Hi, I am making a request to /AddressBookManager?WSDL invoking getAddressBook, I am getting the first hundred records from it and the question would be if there's a way to get the next hundred then the next hundred(pagination)? I've been looking for possible solutions like sending...
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    How to create VS2015 Class Library or WebAPI, or WCF to consume JDE BSSV WSDL?

    Hi all, This is my first post to the community so please be kind :) I was tasked to create a .NET client to consume these WSDLs: //http://xxx.x.x.xxx:yyyy/DV910/AddressBookManager?wsdl //http://xxx.x.x.xxx:yyyy/DV910/CustomerManager?wsdl I have scoured the usual online resources and could not...
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    Consuming SSL enabled webservices in JDeveloper

    Hello All, I'm trying to import wsdl of a SSL enabled webservice using JDeveloper in JDE , but facing the following issue "No WSDL can be found" Attached below the screenshot of it for reference.. Any thoughts or insights would be helpful.