1. Getting the next hundred records from getAddressBook

    Hi, I am making a request to /AddressBookManager?WSDL invoking getAddressBook, I am getting the first hundred records from it and the question would be if there's a way to get the next hundred then the next hundred(pagination)? I've been looking for possible solutions like sending...
  2. How to create VS2015 Class Library or WebAPI, or WCF to consume JDE BSSV WSDL?

    Hi all, This is my first post to the community so please be kind :) I was tasked to create a .NET client to consume these WSDLs: // // I have scoured the usual online resources and could not...
  3. Consuming SSL enabled webservices in JDeveloper

    Hello All, I'm trying to import wsdl of a SSL enabled webservice using JDeveloper in JDE , but facing the following issue "No WSDL can be found" Attached below the screenshot of it for reference.. Any thoughts or insights would be helpful.