web services

  1. E9.2 Orchestrator - Creating Rest API using Connector

    Dear All, I have created and published a orchestration to create item in item master and its working fine locally. I want to generate service file to call it from outside. I am new to this orchestrator development . Can anyone please help me how to create a connector file using rest api for...
  2. SOAP Web Service Integration - Business Function XML Parser

    Hi everybody, I have a question for Business function XML Parser! How I define getters and Setters for tag's with attributes ?
  3. Business Services Tutorials

    Hi All, Currently I am exploring on Business Services (Web Services) functionality in JDE. Appreciate if anyone could share with me some guide or hands on tutorial on this. Thanks Regards, Edmamba24
  4. JDE as a web services consumer

    Hi all I wonder if there is any step-by-step / how-to tutorial document on creating BSSV to consume external web services, I mean, JDE as web service consumer? My version is 9.1 and tool release version is 9.1.4 THANKS!