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  1. Web Services - C getters and setters in xml tag's

    How to add attributes values in xml tag's in C programming language ?
  2. Newbie question- Is there a generic function in BSSV to update any item/BOM

    Hi, I hope someone can advise. I am looking for ways to integrate changes between two installs. i.e a part in one erp is changed, now I want to call a web service in the other erp to update the copy of the same part in that system. Given there are thousands of different parts, I am hoping it is...
  3. Rauf

    EDI through Web Services in JDE 8.12, TR 8.96.40

    Hi Team, I would like to know what is the capability of 8.12, TR 8.96.40 to do interoperabilty through web services. For example, our bank is having a web service function "AccountBalanceInquiry". We have to pass account number as XML. And the function will return account balance in XML...