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    Bi Publisher Multiple Copies and WaterMarks (again)

    I give on this one! I have read several sources including a post here (5/5/2012 -jaynz), type it in and get 3 blank page, replacing the &LT etc. I assume this is from looping three times. Can somebody help me? I have attachments of my R5542565 XML, and 2 .rtf's with one more abbreviated than...
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    Bi Publisher Multiple Copies and WaterMarks

    This one has got me! After viewing several pieces on the web along with post here on this JDELIST from 05-12-2012 jaxnz, I have not got this to work. It is putting out 3 blank pages, so it must be looping thru, but no data. I would appreciate some help with the attachments (I have an...