1. Rauf

    E8.1 Different supplier number in GL and AP

    For an history voucher, in AP module ( F0411), I see the address number is 123. But in the GL (F0911), it is 700. The address number is for same supplier. But as 123 is in F0411, how it can be 700 in GL. What might be the cause for this ? I check the parent address number of 123 in Address...
  2. irfan.refai

    Paid Voucher keeps showing up on Create Payment Control Group (R04570)

    Back in August our A/P user entered a voucher incorrectly but then it was corrected and a check was issued. It showed up again in September on Create Payment Control Group and another check was issued, but was then voided for duplicate payment. It showed up again this month on Create Payment...