1. E9.2 How to translate BLOB field from F98720?

    Hello all, we are trying to read F98720 table that contains the info of Business Views and their table joins. We are struggling to find a way to interpretate the BLOB field... Does anyone know about a Business Function or something that can read this field and translate it? We found an API...
  2. How to connect tables from SQL server to Oracle database

    Hi All, We have this issue. We have JDE E920 on Oracle database running on AIX and need to make select to some tables on SQL server. My idea is to make a DB view and fake E1 table. But I don´t know, how to make connection to SQL server from Oracle database... Thanks for help. Petr
  3. SQL Summary Views (Virtual Tables) and System Impact

    Someone else has done this - so I'm looking for feedback and insight.... File Structure looks like this: A - Header Table 1 - Detail 1 Table b - Detail of Detail 1 Table We have several Applications and Reports - that summarize the Detail and the 'Detail of Detail' - and due to the...