1. Version of report available in PROD but not DEV

    Hi, I am currently working on a bug in a version of a report that is in PROD that is used to add leave to employee's timecards, R07311. The fat client that I use for development only allows me to select the Development environment DV910. The version of the report that I need to modify is only...
  2. Prevent Web (Skinny) Versions for a Specific UBE

    I will be updating all versions of R09801 so that they submit to the same single-threaded queue. However, if a user creates a web version the job queue cannot be specified so then it will default to another queue. Is there a way to prevent web versions on a specific UBE? I don't want to take...
  3. Translate batch version title

    Hi, When we create our batch versions, we always put a french title. But now, we have more and more english clients, and they accessing BV menu. Is there a place where I can translate those french title, just like we do for processing option? Thank you! Chantal
  4. Exporting Version Data Selection for Comparison

    Howdy, In 9.x, we have the BSFN B01RS056 - which allows us to export a version's Data Selection. It has it limitations, mostly in parameter sizing and abandoned logic (limiting the DS String to 95 characters does not catch those 300 MCUs in the "list"). The function appears to export the...