user security

  1. E9.2 USER roles

    Hi Guys 1. I would like to know where i can get history table of changes made to a Role? 2. Does it show Show PC and IP of where a person was logged when changes were made?
  2. Rauf

    E8.12 Security on form field: Multiple fields with same alias, User ID v/s Role

    I applied column security to disable Buyer field in P4310 application, version B01. 1. Alias of the Buyer field is ALKY. But the form is also having some other fields with the same alias ( Supplier number, Ship To number). When I applied security on ALKY, all the three fields are disabled. So...
  3. Security for new Archived Data Environment: want to restrict everyone to inquiry only

    Good day everyone. My question: How can we give the business users access to a new Archive Environment, with the same programs and reports that they have in the Production Environment, but prevents them from Adding/Changing/Deleting any data in the new Archive Environment? Some background: We...