user overrides

  1. MFreitag

    E9.2 Role of F98950 (UO) after 9.1.5.x

    Hi all, can somebody point me in a direction here? After User Overrides are not a thing anymore after 9.1.5.x i was wondering if the table is still used/referenced by the system? I have a problem i can't really narrow down and i have a feeling that it might be old (obsolete?) entries in the UO...
  2. Selecting Custom Grid Name

    I am working for a client with JDE E1 version 9.2. A user can customize a grid: i.e. move columns, set sequence, etc and then name their customization. There is also a way to attach a custom grid name to a version. Let's say I have 10 custom grid names for a version... is there a way for...