1. E9.2 Menu And UDC Promotion from DV to PD

    Hello Dear List Members, We have a situation where we would like to refresh all UDC's along with Menu from DV to PD environment. What will be safest steps that we can follow. Can this also be accomplished via backend? I am aware about below options:: i. For UDCs Copy Table F0004 & F0005 from...
  2. E9.1 Where do I find the alpha string for the IMPRP4 code?

    Hello, This is my first post! Apologies if this isn't the right sub-forum. I'm trying to figure out how to find the text string that corresponds to IMPRP4 in F4101 in the database. I am not a regular user of JDE, and haven't had any development training. I've just been able to do some...
  3. E9.1 UDC value if price zero at order entry

    Dear JDEGurus are you aware of achieving the following with no or minimal development effort? I need to: when a sales order line is entered with zero price (maybe other conditions may apply as certain customer or Business unit) then populate the line with a specific value from UDC revision...
  4. E9.1 Link Description Field For UDC to Texbox Override

    Hi, It's been along time since I did this but I can't remember how to link a description field for a udc to display to the right of a text box. I have a form with a UDC text box. How do I get the description to appear next to it? See below for detail.
  5. cheovargas

    Textbox see combobox from UDC

    good day In the UDC screen, the first field looks like combox in textbox vex and without the magnifying glass, while the second field looks correctly in a textbox with the magnifying glass, this happens in several screens, as you can or where you can modify so that Does it look like textbox...
  6. J Thomas

    Standard meaning for SHC in UDC 42/FR. Is there one?

    I believe the special handling code (SHC) for any UDC is used to tell the AAI's what to do. I am particularly interested in UDC 42/FR. This one controls freight handling codes and the SHC controls whether to created billable freight, payable freight or both. Does anyone have a "standard" for...
  7. Mike Mackinnon

    Subsystem Job Processing

    We occasionally (seldom!) have problems with our MRP subsystem job processing not finishing (stuck 'In Process' but not really processing) and causing our nightly job stream to not complete. During some investigation into this I see a couple fields in the F986113 table that have values in them...
  8. Rauf

    Restore overwritten UDC values

    By mistake, I promoted a UDC from DV to PD, where the UDC of DV is an old one. So the UDC of PD is over written. Is there anyway to get the UDC of PD back ?