1. E9.2 Table Trigger - Flat File Encoding

    Dear All, Is it possible to setup Flat File Encoding in table triggers? I am goning to do some file operations on table data change. I think in P93081 it can not be set up. Thank you in advance Zoltan
  2. E9.2 Orchestration Triggers

    Is it possible to set database triggers to launch orchestrations ? IE on feild changes or updates in tables ?
  3. Problem in the event Before record is updated

    Hello, I need to modify the MCU of the table F060116 in each insert or update of this table. So, I created a function that can recover the MCU from other fields. I called this function in the trigger of this table to modify the value of TK MCU with the new recovered. This function is functional...
  4. Trigger on Table not running from Table Conversion

    Hi, I have a Table with a Trigger on the BeforeRecordIsInserted event. I'm using this table on a Table Conversion as the output table, so that event should be executed in every insert. However, it is not doing this, the table conversion inserts the table but never calls the trigger. From other...