1. DavidR

    E9.1 Is 60 in last 2 digits of TDAY values correct?

    Hello everyone. We have encounter recently that TDAY values can have more than 59 in the last 2 digits, ex. 103060 or 103061, we thought that it must be 103100 after reaching 59... is it posible? someone else has seen this case before?

    convert a number string to a date

    Hi I a beginner in using BI Publisher, I have a number string in my XML which looks like 20161130 I need to create a date format 30/11/2016 from it, in the past I have received the XML in date format so was able to get my date using the template builder. The code I have in the field currently...
  3. JDE E1 Time and Labor : Setting Hour Rate

    Hi All, I am working on a project to implement Project Time Entry Mobile Applications. The issue that my client encounter is question in regards to Whether JDE will might (not) support the Enterprise Bargaining Agreements (EBA) that our client use for their Civil Business using out of the box...
  4. sbrown

    Upmt or tday conversion sql

    I have come up with a way to convert the jde time stamp in sql. Concat(concat(concat( case when length(qpupmt)=6 and substr(qpupmt,1,2) between '13' and '24' then to_number(substr(qpupmt,1,2))-12 else case when length(qpupmt)=6 and substr(qpupmt,1,2) between '10' and '12' then...
  5. Speed gain using cache to write lines to flat file

    Hello guys. I would like to know if using a cache structure, to write lines to a flat file in it, would be faster than stopping the application flow to wirte one line to flat file and get back to the application to process it again. So, if I "cache" the lines within the Do Section, in my...
  6. Set-up / change over times in rate schedules and capacity planning

    Hi All, Anybody out there with knowledge of how setup times are used in rate schedules? I am implementing rate schedules at a site where they have substantial setup times between products. My testing with various options set in the line scheduling workbench and at the production line ('work...
  7. Generate milliseconds since 1970 (Epoch)

    I need to create a column in a JDE table which is a numeric value denoting the number of milliseconds since 1970 when a row is inserted and there doesn't seem to be an existing business function that will generate that based on the current date and time. Any assistance would be appreciated.