standalone 9.2

  1. Applying ESU to Standalone 9.2

    Hi All, I have recently installed a standalone 9.2 demo and would like to apply an ESU to fix a big. Is it possible to do so and what are the steps? Please advise. Your assistance is much appreciated. Thanks. Regards, Edward Kok
  2. LaunchGen Login Error E1 Standalone 9.2

    Trying to do the e-generation on Standalone 9.2 (Win7) using guide on JdeSource. Logged in to Standalone as demo user, executed CMD as Admin and ran LaunchGen.bat. Generator v5.2 started, then clicked Connect and entered demo credentials demo/demo/demo920/*ALL... Received error message popup...
  3. Could not start/find web server - Standalone 9.2

    Hi JDE Tech Gurus, After thinking I have followed all the correct steps to install Standalone 9.2, I have got the thick client working but having trouble starting the web client. Running on Windows 7 Professional (dual boot with Win10). Details below. Questions: - Where are the web client...