1. E9.2 JDE Parameterised URL with SSO

    Hi, Anyone have experience working with Okta for JDE authentication.. we are not able to use Parameterized URLs with Okta, just wondering if anyone was able to make it work. Thanks,
  2. Implement SSO without OAM

    We are looking to make JDE SSO using NetIQ Identity Access Manager product. It provides all standard SSO mechanisms. But I have not found any information on how this can be done. All Oracle documents refer to OAM (of course). And there are third party solutions, which seem like I dont...
  3. Signing Users Out When They Close the Browser

    We are running JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.1, and we have SSO/WNA successfully enabled using Oracle Access Manager. This all works great. When users launch JDE initially it will automatically log them in using their desktop credentials, and if they launch another tab and navigate to JDE the new...
  4. JDE E1 9.1: SSO/WNA on the Thick Client

    We're working through our security requirements and designs for the first phase of a JDE E1 installation. In this particular case, we were discussing our SSO (Single Sign On) and WNA (Windows Native Authentication) design, whereby we would like a user who is logged into the Active Directory...