1. AnilKumar9

    Calling UBE from NER via BSSV -SOAPUI

    Good day everyone, I have a requirement where i need to call a UBE from BSSV. I have created a sample NER and called UBE inside the NER, and created a BSSV as well to test it. When i test from a test class the NER calling the UBE successfully on the DV server. After Deployment when i try to...
  2. SOAP Web Service Integration - Business Function XML Parser

    Hi everybody, I have a question for Business function XML Parser! How I define getters and Setters for tag's with attributes ?
  3. Bssv jp43a000

    Hi I´m trying to call the published wsdl from BSSV JP43A000. When I call this wsdl from SOAP-UI obtain this error: ReceiptSentin:1000:CAUSE . . . . The record being processed either already exists for an 'ADD' function or does not exist for an 'INQUIRY', 'CHANGE' or...
  4. Error when call BSSV webservice

    Hi I have a problem when I call BSSV from javascript. My call from javascript is: var xmlhttp = new XMLHttpRequest();'POST', '', true); //the following variable contains my xml soap request...