shipment number

  1. R42118 sometimes assigns old shipment (status 80) to released line

    Hello group, We are on E1 9.1.5 and use transportation. We have multiple orders consolidation turned on in transportation constants. Whenever R42118 releases an order line, it assigns an old shipment, even status 80, to the released line. We need to always manually consolidate all released...
  2. Shipment Number Disappeared From SO Lines After Print Pick Slip

    I was Creating Packing List usual...  I merged 3 shipments from 2 SOs , And my new Shipment contains 13 lines  until now everything is ok, Last status is 520 next status is 540  When I did print pick slip 4 lines is ok and still in the shipment with status 545, but 9 lines disappered from...