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    Real-Time Event for Item Cost Freeze Batch Process R30835

    Hi, We have a requirement to send RTE event when user update/add Item cost using Cost Freeze Batch process R30835 and my understanding JDE has RTE event "RTCOSTOUT" only for Application P4105. Is there any RTE event provided by JDE for this batch process? Thanks Bala E1: 9.1 O/S: Linux x86-64 /...
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    RTE Integration with MSMQ

    Hello, I have setup Transaction Server and configured RTE using JMSQueue Subscriber, it is working perfectly even getting the data in F90710 but i need to know steps to integrate MSMQ with RTE. MSMQ is setup on FAT client and on a seprate Windows 2008 machine as well but i need steps to...
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    Interoperability tool, which one would I use? RTE? BSSV? SS?

    Hello guys, I'm working on a new customer which we have some requirements to "talk" to a 3rd party system, the scenarios we've mapped until now are the following: 1 - 3rd party system send some information which we have to read e create Sales and Purchase Orders 2 - 3rd party system will...