1. E9.1 Order Return and Re-Invoice Process - SAME DAY RMA ?? - NEED *CLEVER* Solution!

    Return and Re-Bill Process IMPROVE current process -- many steps dependent on multiple users and small window of time. Using Credit From History today -- but the order has to be already posted to GL. EXAMPLE: We have instances of a truck picking up a load at which point we do final ship...
  2. RMA on wrong part sent - A9.3

    How are you handling 'wrong part sent' issues with returns. Example: The customer orders part 123, we ship 123A by mistake. The customer wants to return 123A. Our current process is awkward in we issue a credit for the correct item. Then we create and order/credit for the incorrect item. How...
  3. RMA Purchase Order and Availability

    We would like to exclude from availability the purchase orders created through RMAs. What is the best way to do this? Thanks! EnterpriseOne 9.1