1. Ashwin Ramkumar

    E9.2 Report takes more time to run in PD

    Hi I have a Custom report which takes 4 mins to run in DV and for the same data selection its taking 16 mins to run in PD. The Data refresh was done on DV recently , So both the PD and DV have the same number of data. The sequencing and everything is same in both PD and DV. The Report's Business...
  2. Abd Allah

    E9.1 Create Date variable in header section

    Hi All : I Need To create Date variable in header section For when the user pulls out the report, it asks him for the date from and Date to Thank you. :)
  3. Report not showing all the records

    Hello All, Have created a business view joining 4 tables. The primary table is connected to two tables with a simple join. The 4 th table is joined to one of the two 2ry ry tables with a simple join. It should return 54 records. But it returns only 32 for the report. From the logs of the UBE...