1. Financial Statements SQL Query - F0006 F0901 F0902

    First post on this site. Inherited a OneWorld Xe environment on Microsoft SQL Server. Need to pull in via SQL query from F0006 F0901 F0902. Anyone have this query available to read in balance sheet and P&L data? Basically trying to do an M&A financial roll-up to a new company defined in another ERP.
  2. earthdog

    Reporting options except One View on 9.1

    There are 4 separate E1 8.0 installations that will become one centralised 9.1 installation. There is already an established DW on SQL Server and IBM Cognos as the chosen BI Tool. The question is how Oracle BI publisher compares to Cognos for operational reporting. One View is not in the...
  3. earthdog

    JDEdwards ODS strategy for external reporting tool

    We will move to a centralized JDE 9.2 environment. Present Situation: 4 separate ERP8.0 installations on AS/400 Future: 1 x ERP 9.2 on AS/400 OR Oracle stack We are going to use also an external Reporting tool for operational reporting needs. this is NOT BI. So in order not for this tool to...