report interconnect

  1. Report Interconnection & Job Status Issue

    Hi All, I am trying to retrieve job status of a UBE after calling it from the report interconnect. I need to perform some process after the UBE has completed successfully. In my case I’m calling R42565 from button clicked event, once this report will generate an invoice number based on that...
  2. Report Interconnection

    While calling UBE from application not getting data selection and processing option screen. Tried using business function B91300C still facing same issue. Is there any workaround for this?
  3. Data Selection and Report Interconnects

    We have an in-house application calling an R56 version that is attempting to utilize both Data Selection and Report Interconnects. When running the UBE standalone, all the Data Selection is used. However, when calling that same version from the application, it appears that only the Report...