1. E9.1 07 Cost Method of Zero Dollars

    We have an issue and wondering if anyone else has seen this... We have an item that is being shipped from our MFG plant to a DC. The item is manufactured for one of our child companies. The child company is on a different ERP system. It item branch record for this item for the receiving...
  2. Procurement Disposition Movement

    Hey All, I'm new to JDE and I'm using JDE9.1. I want to reject a order in Receipt Routing (want to use MOV code REJ "Rejected") Can anyone help me to understand this scenario and how to navigate? Thanks, Prem
  3. Invoice Match to Purchase Order Requirements

    I know in JD Edwards an invoice can be matched to a purchase order (2 way) or to the receipt of a purchase order (3 way). Is there a way when you raise the purchase order in P4310 to require the user to receipt before invoicing since in 2 way the receipt is still written ? Looking at this for a...