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  1. M

    Where are stored the codes from RDA-FDA "Validate Event Rule"?

    Hi, i'm looking for some of the codes of the Validate Event Rules from RDA and FDA. Im talking the messenges from the log: /* CER ERROR #3005 : Unable to fetch DS template items */ /* CER ERROR #3032 : Invalid Form Business View Id */ /* CER ERROR #3007 : Invalid datastructure or member */ /*...
  2. D

    CSV to Tab Delimited

    I have a CSV file that I need to convert to a Tab Delimited Text. I think that a table conversion should do this, but I can't get it to work. It inputs the CSV and then outputs again in comma separated. I will start by asking, should a table conversion be able to do this, and I am just doing it...
  3. O

    No Operand List Shown When Doing Add Aggregate in Level Break Footer

    Hello All, I am quite aware this is a known issue and the following Oracle Support doc ---> in E1: RDA: No Operand List Shown When Doing Add Aggregate in Level Break Footer ( Doc ID 1524831.1 ) describes the same. We don't have any of those installed on our development machines and we have...
  4. Deepesh

    FDA/RDA crashes on writing Table IO

    Hi, I'm having a unique problem, where the FDA or RDA crashes out when I write a Table IO ER statement (like a fetch single or so). Screenshot attached. We are on 8.98 tools (E811) Regards Deepesh MD
  5. F

    Event rules jumping when scrolling in FDA and RDA

    Hi all, We're currently on tools and 9.0 app. I noticed that since our most recent tools upgrade from 8.98 to 9.1 when using the mousewheel to scroll in event rules, the page jumps around. This behavior seems to disappear if you remote to a machine using remote desktop then perform the...
  6. C

    four digit year in RDA

    I am creating UBE where one of the date field has a value of 1/1/40. The UBE also exports to csv. When I export to csv, I noticed that the 1/1/40 changes to 1/1/1940. I did some research on this on Oracle Support. It is due to Microsoft 2029 rule. Oracle is recommendating the user profile be...