1. E9.2 R47011 - F4211 PPDJ & PDDJ

    I need to find out how R47011 is generating dates for PPDJ & PDDJ in F4211. I am trying to debug B4700110.c (R47011DetailDoSectionProcess) and not having any luck with Visual Studio c++. Is there any setup table I need to take a look? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. E9.2 Configurator Order thru R47011

    Hello List, Has anyone created a Configurator Sales Order thru R47011 in either 9.1 or 9.2? I am looking for a similar functionality so if someone can shed light on this, it will be of a great help. Cheers, Sumeet
  3. E9.2 R47011 selecting data more than the actual data selection

    Hi Experts Can someone help me . 1)We have data coming into JDE tables F47011 and F47012 from Boomi directly connecting to ODBC/database and entering data into JDE tables F47011 and F4701. 2)Boomi is scheduled to enter the data (Sales order ) in F47011 and F47012 every 5 min 3)R47011 picks...
  4. EDI Inbound 850 - How to deal with one PO that needs to create multiple sales orders

    We are on JDE E1 9.2 and have a customer that wants us to implement EDI with them. For us, this would include an inbound 850, outbound 855, inbound 860, outbound 856 and outbound 810. We are struggling with the initial piece of the inbound 850 because when this customer provides the order...
  5. ybuffetaud

    R47011, F4714 and F00165.GDGTITNM

    Hi guys, do you know if there is a way to force R47011 to write GT4201A attachment with a spécific value for F00165.GDGTITNM? In our process (I wasn't there when it has been setup), we have distinct GDGTITNM values for GT4201A. Depending on these values attachment are printed or not in UBE's...