1. E9.2 R47052T standard EDI Objects - How to changes the existing payment format

    Does anyone know how to change the existing/standard payment format of R47052T (AP EFT Payment file)? Is there any setup/configuration to change/add the payment file columns? Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks....
  2. Withholding taxes for foreign vendors in Brazil

    I need to generate ISS, INSS, IR , PIS and COFINS taxes for foreign vendor using Brazil Localization. The Standard UBE R76B4310 and R04570 are used to create taxes for domestic vendors only. Any solution. Also can partial payments can be done for the same.
  3. irfan.refai

    Paid Voucher keeps showing up on Create Payment Control Group (R04570)

    Back in August our A/P user entered a voucher incorrectly but then it was corrected and a check was issued. It showed up again in September on Create Payment Control Group and another check was issued, but was then voided for duplicate payment. It showed up again this month on Create Payment...