1. QSoft installation on Windows Server 2012 R2

    Hi All, Is it possible to implement QSoft V5.2 on a Microsoft Server 2012 R2. We have currently installed E910 and everything works fine on this FAT machine. We have a Oracle 12c Database installed as a local database. We have tried to install QSoft V5.2 but it does not act as it should. In...
  2. Validating QSoft's Claims: Role Limit, Performance, 2 Role Per User Strategy

    We are using Qsoft to manage JDE 9.1. We're currently using a very rudimentary security setup in a proof of concept system, but we're looking at setting up a more robust "finalized" security structure in Dev and, later, production. Researching, I found the following two blog posts from QSoft...