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purchase orders

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    Carrier from SO to PO - E1 9.1

    Hi all, First of all English is not my native language so, please excuse typing errors. In the automatic process of creating a purchase order when the sales order is created, Is there a way to avoid the population of the carrier number (ANCR) using processing options or configuration? Now when...
  2. B

    Using Future costs

    I was trying to use "Future costs 05" to add next month's costs in ahead of time, then run the R41052 on the 1st of the month. HOWEVER, users entering PO's are noting that JDE is using the 05 cost for the PO instead of the usual 08 cost. Any help as to how best to use the Future cost update or...
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    Purchase Cost Best Practice

    Hello. I was looking for some user inputs. Because of the native E1 functionality that over-writes the 08 cost in the F4105 due to various activities such as voucher matching, my business users are exploring the option of creating a new cost method with a fixed cost (say cost method 12). We...
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    Removing Quantity on a canceled BO

    There are a lot of blanket orders in my system from before I started in my position, that are canceled or expired but have open quantities on them. This causes issues where new PO's and BO's don't do automated tasks, like send orders to suppliers, attach PO's to BO's, etc. Is there a way to get...