1. E9.2 CAC0001025

    Help me Please CAC0001025 - Application code leaked 6 caches which were detected when freeing environment JPD920 (EnvHandle 0086f190) for user EAMORALESR. Please refer to the debug log for details. If there are not enough details in the debug log to determine the cause, set Output=FILE in the...
  2. E9.2 JDE CRASH causes void PV to out of balance

    User voided PV in batch but his JDE crashed at the same time. The batch is in error. I see that in the 1st page the amount is negative but in G / L distribution, the coding lines have not been put in negative . What would the best practice to address this issue and balance ?
  3. gina13tiger

    CC cash receipt posting issue - missing bank account GL line

    Hello I have a credit card batch that was created through auto receipts. For some reason, this particular batch is showing out of balance. In the out of balance report, I have the AE entry to accounts receivable; however, I am missing the bank account debit side of the entry. I checked...
  4. P0011 RB Batch - Changing G/L Date of Receipt

    Hi, We have an issue where an RB batch has been created but the G/L date of the receipt is in a closed period so the batch won't post. Is there a way i can change the G/L date to just use today's date so the batch will post into the current period? Thanks J
  5. R31422 Leaving F31122 records with Process Status = I

    Hi, R31422 is running and leaving some records with a "processed status" of I...i cannot find any documentation as to why this status would be set. The IH transactions for work orders left at this status are not making it to the GL. Would anyone know why? There is no .pdf report on the R31422...