1. Portlet Dont have functionality

    Hello everyone!! I am developing portlets and I found myself with the following problem: In the portal my portlet has no functionality, that is, I only see the form. When I want to open a link of it, it does not run.I have tried deploying standars portlets and they have the same symptoms...
  2. Connect to JDE via Portal or 3rd Party (ASP)

    My client has an existing ASP/HTML application that allows customers to login and see information in their existing AS400 ERP system. They are installing EnterpriseOne, and looking for guidance on if they should continue using their existing solution, and connect to the new JDE Database...
  3. Portlets!

    Hi All Any of your clients using portlets as web access application? any positives or limitations in using them. Appreciate all your inputs. Thanks, Gov