1. E9.2 Send generated OneView Financial Statement (OVFS) by email

    Hello everyone. We are currently using OneView Financial Statements (P09330) and we follow the steps in order to generate a PDF output (select the Statement Definition > Select the Statement Version (in P09340) > Row > Run Statement choosing the layout and output format PDF), and then we have...
  2. Naza

    E9.2 QR Code in PDF with Java

    Hi Everyone, I have been developed a Java aplication that can take a pdf file, open reads the data and after conect to database and take information if needed. Finaly theJava program generate a QR Code (it's can be encoded in base64 for example or other if needed) and put the code in especific...
  3. E9.2 Integration of Media Files (PDF) - Orchestrator / Without Orchestrator using REST API

    Hello All, For Orchestrator I understand doesn't support media files such as PDF for integration as per Doc ID 2554263.1 . After going through Oracle, I find there is an alternative - E1: AIS: How to Upload a Media Object Attachment Using Javascript and the /file/upload AIS REST API (Doc ID...
  4. E9.2 how to secure PDF output

    is there a way to secure a specific report PDF output from other users except for the one running the UBE. We do NOT want to lock down on the USER column in P986110B (job submit application) via column security. We still do want users to be able to see each others output for the most part.
  5. PDF to Open Immediately

    Requirement - Click a field on a custom web app to launch a UBE and have the PDF open immediately instead of forcing the user to go to submitted jobs. The UBE has a BI publisher report definition associated to it. What is the best way to do this? I assume if I map UBE to run locally (via OCM)...
  6. Mike Mackinnon

    Minor Formatting Issue with Company Logo

    I am having a minor issue with the display of company logo on the BI Publisher report. The logo appears to be fine and when I paste/insert into the RTF file it looks good. However when I generate the PDF file I am seeing lines under the logo...like the bottom of the logo is being...
  7. Purchase order print to PDF- use the PO number as file name

    Hi, I am not a developer but I have a development question. We have JDE E09. I want to save the pdf output from a Purchase order automatically with the PO number. I have been told that it cannot be done. I do not believe this. Can anyone help? Thanks, Daithi