1. E9.2 F0150 Address Organization Structure Master - Find Top Parent with SQL

    In order to do some reporting outside of E1, I need to find the top parent for any given child in F0150. The hierarchies vary in the number of levels and the child entered may not be the bottom child. How can I accomplish this in a SQL query? I'm hoping someone has done this before and I...
  2. Get parent node tag only if it exists

    Hi everyone, I'am struggling with something. I have a xml file where there are 2 invoices. For each invoice there is a SHAN tag. There is also a tag MSG0809_DS01_ID263 taht is in the 1st invoice, but not the second. It looks like this: <R574256A> <Numero_de_Facture_LBH_DOC_S6> ...
  3. Parent F0411

    We want to set up multiple Remit To address and attach a Parent. We can do. However, Parent Number is not in F0411 nor can it be searched on in E1. Any ideas?
  4. Matrix Items

    Hi, does anyone has already set up Matrix Items? I am trying to use that for a company with an specific problem: They have an Item and this item may have "multiple" sub-items, they have a "PANT" item but this pant have Size and Color (size = S=01, M=02, L=03, XL=04) and (color = Beige=01...