1. jdecoder

    E9.2 How to loop a connector to perform Pagination on JSON response with possible_pages = n

    Hi, I have a rest endpoint something like this : https://baseurl/v2/some_method?page=0&dayRange=365 which return JSON paylod something like this : { "data":[ {"person_id": "a739fc72-ccd4-46b9-b236-9b25ce1651bb", "person_name": "BEN", "employee_number": "1045469",…}, {"person_id"...
  2. adamodar

    Different even and odd pages in Createform

    Is there any way we can create different even and odd pages in Createform like we can in BI Publisher? Our cheque printer prints on both side of the page and I want to Print the payee address behind the cheques.