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  1. E

    Purchase Orders total amount

    Hello, I am trying to find a way to calculate total of extended cost entered during Purchase Order entry in P4310 and show it in header to users as they enter new lines. The idea is to provide users with a running total as they add lines. Is this possible? If not what are the alternatives...
  2. G

    Invoice Match to Purchase Order Requirements

    I know in JD Edwards an invoice can be matched to a purchase order (2 way) or to the receipt of a purchase order (3 way). Is there a way when you raise the purchase order in P4310 to require the user to receipt before invoicing since in 2 way the receipt is still written ? Looking at this for a...
  3. M

    P4310 WorkFlow (change) Notifications

    We have been asked to allow selection of vender on the P4310 WorkFlow processing option tab for all 4 selections (Price Change notification, Delivery Date change notification, Quantity change notification, and Order Hold notification). I have looked through everything I know to look at and I...
  4. G

    Send and e-mail from P4310

    Hello everyone. I'm working on a customization that is to call the function "Send HRM Email" at the end of W4310A screen. Already changed the call point several times but FAT works perfectly, but on the web it does not. The screen "A" has the flag TRANSACTION. Is it so? Thank you all.
  5. K

    Customize P4310

    JDE 9.1 Tools Release 9.1.4 I realized that there are a couple of new fields in F4311 and my users want to have them enabled in P4310 order details. I've modified Business View v4311B and W4310A accordingly. However, whatever value I enter into the new columns, the data cannot be saved. Would...
  6. Terry DeMoure

    Ability To Update Original Promise Date On P4310 Enter/Inquire Purchase Orders

    I recall numerous discussions at the last two Collaborate conferences in the Industrial Manufacturing SIG meetings by users interested in Enhancement Request 290 on the Quest Enhancement Tool on QuestDirect.org dealing with adding the ability for users to modify the Original Promise Delivery...