1. P420111 -- Zero Cost

    Hi, I am facing a problem in P420111 while generating a sales order from quotation, the cost is coming as zero. appreciate your help.
  2. Reverse Blanket Order Release P420111

    Has anyone had success reversing a sales order blanket release quantity in any JDE OneWorld? If yes, please share details of setup, etc. Testing in E9.0 - After a blanket order has been partially released (example, qty 5 released, qty 5 remain), it is desired to do a negative release...
  3. Get Order Number Form P420111 (Release Blanket)

    Hi all, anyone have tried to get order number that generated from P420111 (Release Blanket) when post button click event or another event...??? I was tried in all the way but till now I got nothing, please share in here, if anyone in here having same problem. Thanks a lot..