1. Can we create multiple tabs in CSV output ?

    I have reached max limit of 81 columns in CSV output, but still need to add few more fields in output. Not sure if we can add more than 81 columns or can create multiple tabs in single file.
  2. Unable to get the PDF output while running BI Publisher report from RDA & BV

    Dear All, When i'm running Bi publisher report from BV or RDA getting output in XML format. I checked in application P95620 but there by default output is PDF and also re uploaded the RTF template again but still getting the same result XML output. What could possibly be the problem..? Thank...
  3. Purchase order print to PDF- use the PO number as file name

    Hi, I am not a developer but I have a development question. We have JDE E09. I want to save the pdf output from a Purchase order automatically with the PO number. I have been told that it cannot be done. I do not believe this. Can anyone help? Thanks, Daithi