order activity rules

  1. E9.2 Order Activity Rule

    In Order activity rule, when other1, other2,other3 fields will be used. Tell me with Examples
  2. E9.1 Order Return and Re-Invoice Process - SAME DAY RMA ?? - NEED *CLEVER* Solution!

    Return and Re-Bill Process IMPROVE current process -- many steps dependent on multiple users and small window of time. Using Credit From History today -- but the order has to be already posted to GL. EXAMPLE: We have instances of a truck picking up a load at which point we do final ship...
  3. Order Activity Rules - Purchase Order - Cancel Lines

    Hi, All, How is possible cancel lines of purchase order, if it doesn't have a rule in Order Activity Rules. In other words I do not have a rule for status 980 and the user get cancel de line. Thanks. Celso Chokiti