1. process <runube> could not be registered

    I am facing with an error while executing command "runube <username> <password> PD7333 R0006P XJDE0001 QBATCH B H S ". The system is showing "process <runube> could not be registered". I am executing this command from path /oneworld/b7333/system/bin32/. Also I am executing command from the same...
  2. FormScape 3.3 to Transform 3.3 Upgrade

    We are planning to upgrade from FormScape 3.3 version to Transform 3.3 with OneWorld Xe. Appreciate your help on the following. a). Is Transform 3.3 supported with OneWorld Xe? b). Do we need to redesign/rebuild the existing FormScape reports in Transform? c). What are the...
  3. ChelseaGirl

    Making OneWorld Read only

    Is there a quick and easy way to make OneWorld read only? I'm was wondering if there was a way of doing it in OneWorld, rather than directly via the SQL Databases.