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    Get JDE report to Excel

    I am a VBA developer and trying to get the Output of a report from JDE to Excel through ODBC. I am able to connect to JDE using New Query option in Excel and I can see the tables but unable to find the data I am looking for. We run a Gain and Losses report and then extract the report through...
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    Connect to JDE via Portal or 3rd Party (ASP)

    My client has an existing ASP/HTML application that allows customers to login and see information in their existing AS400 ERP system. They are installing EnterpriseOne, and looking for guidance on if they should continue using their existing solution, and connect to the new JDE Database...
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    My company has recently purchased the TIBCO SPOTFIRE BI tool. We are trying to figure out how to connect this tool to the JDE database to pull over JDE Table 'long common names', views, and user security. Out of the box they have a driver to connect to microsoft SQL. Any help on this matter...