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  1. fbrammer

    How do I compile single NER on E1 Server?

    Long story short, we have an NER that performs great in DV and PY, but poorly in PD. When we tested it on the fat client is performed well in DV, PY, but not in PD. After multiple experiements, including re-promoting, full builds, etc we had the following scenario: Took a current package on...
  2. D

    iSeries - won't compile C-Functions / NERs?

    Howdy, Don't call me a CNC (that's my night job??) Recently - we had some build issues. Things were going great, then one day - kaputz... Functions stopped compiling. Is there a short-list of things I should review? Functions build on Fat Clients, on Windows Logic Servers - just not on the...
  3. A

    NER build error on B9200030

    Hi I'm using 'GetPOValueAndText'(B9200030) BSFN inside a NER and I'm using all the correct parameters, (checked I/O using object browser). and when i build the NER, I get an error that : C:\E920\DV920\include\b9200030.h(149) : error C2061: syntax error : identifier 'GetPOValueAndText'...
  4. JT8101962

    How to use NER's to insert IR transactions into the EnterpriseOne Cardex

    I am very new to EnterpriseOne development, but I need to know if I can call an NER from C# ASP.Net code and call the NER similar to calling a SQL Server stored procedure, passing it parameters for the IR transaction that I want to insert into the EnterpriseOne Inventory Cardex? Any information...