multiple copies

  1. Bi Publisher Multiple Copies and WaterMarks (again)

    I give on this one! I have read several sources including a post here (5/5/2012 -jaynz), type it in and get 3 blank page, replacing the &LT etc. I assume this is from looping three times. Can somebody help me? I have attachments of my R5542565 XML, and 2 .rtf's with one more abbreviated than...
  2. Bi Publisher Multiple Copies and WaterMarks

    This one has got me! After viewing several pieces on the web along with post here on this JDELIST from 05-12-2012 jaxnz, I have not got this to work. It is putting out 3 blank pages, so it must be looping thru, but no data. I would appreciate some help with the attachments (I have an...