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  1. J

    MPS/MRP - process by Sell by Date

    Have a client that is utilizing Lot Expiration, but that date is really only for the customer. Once a product pasts its Sell by Date, it goes on Lot Hold and is unavailable. This is fine and is working perfectly, the issue is that they want the system to create messages by the Sell by Date vs...
  2. L

    Bill of Material and Expensed Items

    Are there any white papers on best practice of including expense items in bill of material?
  3. T

    How is the MRP date calculated for In Receipt Routing quantities

    We are implementing inspection using Receipt Routing and we use MRP in our manufacturing environment. At the moment we are showing quantities in receipt routing as In Receipt Routing rather than as Beginning On Hand. But I cannot work out how the date buckets that the in receipt quantities are...
  4. Mike Mackinnon

    Subsystem Job Processing

    We occasionally (seldom!) have problems with our MRP subsystem job processing not finishing (stuck 'In Process' but not really processing) and causing our nightly job stream to not complete. During some investigation into this I see a couple fields in the F986113 table that have values in them...
  5. C

    MRP process and F4111

    Hi All, A quick question (I'm not an apps guy) We run MRP process nightly. Can anyone please confirm if the MRP process reads the F4111 table while it is running. Launching cross reference utility does not list it but I remember attending a seminar at Collab17 this year where I heard the...
  6. A

    MRP Finishing Late

    Hi All, From the past few weeks Robot job that is scheduled for running the MRP is finishing late. Initially the Robot job end at or before 5:00AM but now sometime it even works long to 8:00AM. Anyone could please help me with what could be the possible cause of this issue. We also checked...
  7. A

    Dependent Demand and MRP

    We are running EnterpriseOne 9.0 We currently have upper level forecast at the finished good level that blows down in typical MRP manner (planned work orders and planned purchase orders) as well as actual sales order demand at the finished level. At present, we have been instructed to build...
  8. EllisWyatt

    MRP inclusion rules to include supply and inventory from different branch plant?

    I am working with my IT group to fix the MRP for a certain branch plant. The issue is that they source raw materials receive and inspect raw materials in a different branch plant than we manufacture in. There are then 2 more branch plants that it transfers thru before it makes its way into the...
  9. J

    R3482 MRP is slow sporadically

    Nothing in the data/version has changed. Doesn't matter if it's Gross Regen or Net Change. For example this week Net Change ran on Tuesday and took 5.5 hours, then ran on Wednesday and took 2.25 hours (which is normal). We see this a couple of times a week. Went through the MRP Performance...
  10. A

    R3483 Vendor calendar

    Hy, Is there any MRP functionality (R3483 PO's, additional set-up, or so?) that can assign a calendar to a supplier, specific for the MRP Messages, where the Request Date will be generatet? We use R3483, planning messages stored in F3411, informations about request date and start dates are...
  11. N

    Importing Planning messages into the F3411/F3412 tables

    Hello - I am working with a client who is implementing Infor's Advanced Planning tool. They are running JDE World A7.3 and built the necessary feeds to Infor's AP. My challenge is to take the AP output and populate the F3411/F3412 (and possible F3413) tables so the Planners can process the...
  12. R

    B3401360 - Process MPS Messages question

    Good day all! I am working on some functionality where I need to get and some work on the generated Work order created from an MRP message processed by the R3411. In order to get the WO, I am doing the following: 1. Create a MRP/MPS record in the F3411 - DONE 2. Modify the R3411 to do an...
  13. T

    Forecast Consumption in MRP only works in the first FC period

    We are implementing MRP in our JDE XE environment (yes still on XE!) and want to use forecast consumption to avoid issues of mismatch between sales order and forecast timing. I have set everything up and the forecast consumption is working - but only in the first forecast consumption period...