1. E9.2 Middleware software for E1 interfaces

    We're planning on modernizing our interfaces of E1 with other applications and hopefully add more interfacing to improve automation and less manual work. Besides Mulesoft & Boomi, does anyone have any other suggestions on other middleware platforms that we should look at? Currently looking to...
  2. MFreitag

    BI Publisher - Migrating Scheduler Jobs and Job History ... on MSSQL

    So today i stumbled over this: https://docs.oracle.com/middleware/bi12214/lcm/OBIUP/GUID-BA2F375C-7436-4C6C-B552-5BA7CBD6E9D7.htm#OBIUP-GUID-CCC0A118-0AE4-47AE-89E0-473B5DAB6572 Seriously?! Nope, not having it. So i had a look at bip_12c_scheduler_migration.sql and it didn't seem too...