1. E9.2 CafeOne freezes when using custom attachment application

    Hi all, we're having a trouble with the CafeOne resource. I made an application to search the attachment of a row (data passes by form interconnection) and we use it in a CafeOne, it works actually, searches and shows the media object panel but when the user wants to close the CafeOne or click...
  2. BI Publisher logo retrieved from the server file directory and referenced in RTF

    Hi, Has anyone been able to retrieve a logo image (in jpg, png, or gif format) from a server file directory, which is referenced in the RTF template? Kindly advise. Best Regards :cool:
  3. XE Media Object Validation?

    Howdy, Looking for a means to validate Media Object Attachments in XE. Over the years, the Media Object Location has changed several times... for example: \\FileServer1, \\FS01 ... \\NAS01.... During those transitions - the XE.F00165.BLOB containing the attachments was not updated. The...
  4. Get Media Object in BSFN

    I'm building an new Business Function to create a CSV export file. Therefor I need to retrieve a Media Object from F00165. In contrast to the UBE, for a BSFN there is no System Function available for getting Media Objects. What is the best way to get the Media Object textfile? We are using E1...