E9.2 Lot number in bold text on Parts list

    Hi On parts lists/Work order commitment screens, I noticed that some some lines have the lot number displayed in bold on the parts list/ . I guess this is some kind of a warning. Any idea of why some batches are displayed this way? Thanks in advance.
  2. IvanGRMseak

    Custom functionality to P43250 - issue with duplicate PO lines

    Hi List, I`m currently working on a custom functionality for app P43250 in which users need to add a lot and lot information to in transit PO lines, even if said PO are not meant to be split into multiple orders. there is this shipment rule that only applies to our country in which the PO must...
  3. Receive Into Multiple Locations using EDI Batch Standard R47071

    Hi Everyone, I hope this finds you well. The reason I'm writing is because I'm in the process of automating the material Purchase Order Receiving process using R47071 at OneWorld XE (currently this is done using standard app P4312). I'm having troubles with one specific scenario (receiving raw...