1. How to Re-direct E9.1 sign-out page or auto close when JDE user clicks sign-out

    Hello, we are upgrading to E 9.1 on tools release 9.1.5. I have a question if anyone has a way to knows how to change the user sign-out page in 9.1 to either auto-close on sign-out or re-direct to a generic custom webpage. any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Excessive delay in Login and first time opening of any application - 9.1 tools 9.1.5

    Hi, We have a JDE lab instance running application 9.1 with tools Our WebLogic 12c based HTML server is having unexplained performance issues. Each time we login, it takes more than a 1.5 mins to come to home screen. Each time a new application is opened, it takes almost an eternity to...
  3. peterbruce

    Didn't Need To Reset Password

    JDEList Admin, Congratulations on a successful upgrade, and thanks. Firstly, I could not find a link to reset my password - the URL was in the welcome message, but was not clickable. So I just put in my user id and old password and clicked log in thinking that it would provide me with the...