1. E9.2 Language error

    Hello everyone, When I change the language from English to French, the row tab becomes inaccessible in the submitted job. Does anyone have an idea how to solve this issue? Thank you.
  2. BIP Date Formatting for multiple languages "DD MMMM YYYY"

    Hi, We have a requirement for an invoice print where the date needs to be setup in the RTF as follows "DD MMMM YYYY" which should display as "10 January 2019". This works fine using the BI Publisher Properties using the date type and formatting. However, this requirement needs to work for all...
  3. National language support

    Hi guys. We're using Xe on Win2003 R2 and SQL Server. We have to enter information in Kazakh language with all those specifically drawn letters. The problem is although I can type those letters in Notepad they become ? signs when I copy and paste them in JDE editboxes or QBE fields or grid...
  4. Printing UBE in other languages.

    Hi Everyone. Would like to ask if there's any specific way to print UBE in another language besides the default language setup. Example: Printing An Invoice in English and in Chinese. Thanks. Regards, Edmamba24